30 August 2023

CAPACITyES closes up with a celebration

The renovation works are done, the activities against educational poverty continue! It’s been a beautiful 3-year adventure, for a richer and more supportive Bergamo.

This year we had a series of important events for CAPACITyES – Children Against Poverty Awake the city Education System, the project carried out within the framework of the European UIA programme. As of September 2019, CAPACITyES has engaged many departments of the Municipality of Bergamo and the territory, as well as a significant number of children, families and citizens, all working together to identify strategies and tools to reduce child educational poverty.

On February 4 the new co-housing units were unveiled in via Borgo Palazzo, in the former Hall 8 of the ASST center.

On May 4 we hosted an open day for the new co-housing, a day of celebration and sharing for the 11 families who joined the project 3 years ago, following a path to cooperate and build an environment of collaborative living. This part of our project is focused on fostering active participation, engaging citizens as well as the neighbourhood community and networks, to improve social cohesion.

On June 16 we unveiled our HUB for KIDS in via Serassi 17/D, a welcoming and modern structure, the result of a careful redevelopment of the old Cascina Serassi. HUB for KIDS is designed to host activities for children and teens from the neighbourhood and all across the city: sports, cultural projects, arts.

The project also aimed to redevelop the urban landscape by promoting access to cultural sites, creating areas and paths where works of art convey a new idea of the relationship between citizens and public spaces.

That’s why an important part of this project were 10 murals inspired by the Odyssey and the journey of Ulysses, created by the artist Luogo Comune using ideas and drawings by children. These works of art are now a part of the neighbourhood and we’ve created a virtual tour of the walls, as well.

Today, September 30, was a day of celebration and sharing of both the results achieved and the initiatives that will continue with the same goal of tackling urban and educational poverty.

Loredana Poli and Marcella Messina, respectively Councillor for Education and Youth Policies and Councillor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Bergamo, were present to do the honors and a first assessment of CAPACITyES.

The project – financed with European funds under the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) programme – was carried out by the Municipality of Bergamo as the lead institution, with a local partnership composed of Cooperativa Sociale Ruah, Cooperativa Sociale Patronato San Vincenzo, Associazione di formazione professionale Patronato San Vincenzo, Purelab, Generazioni FA, CSI Bergamo and ISMU – Fondazione Iniziative e Studi sulla Multietnicità.

The new HUB for KIDS today welcomed many people who wanted to share and celebrate the success of such a complex and challenging project as CAPACITyES.

The event began with an institutional meeting – focusing on the legacy of this project and the future of the HUB for KIDS and the co-housing – followed by shows and entertainment for kids and teens. In the evening we hosted a convivial moment for families and neighbours, encouraging an informal discussion about the results of CAPACITyES and the future activities for children and young people.

CAPACITyES has concluded remaining loyal to its guidelines: we’ve always worked to put children, teens and families at the center of our activities, creating an inspiring setting and ensuring that everyone could feel part of a welcoming and open community.


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