Co-housing, il cantiere si prepara a partire
18 October 2021

Co-housing, work is about to begin

Co-housing: keys of building consigned, work now starting. In the last few days, the City of Bergamo officially handed over the old Osservatorio Femminile building to the successful contractor for the renovation works. This starts the process that will transform the site into the CAPACITyES co-housing accommodation. A place where many families will benefit from an innovative approach to housing. Each family will have its own spaces but there will also be shared areas for some aspects of daily life, and communal activities.

So construction is now getting under way after many months of work in other areas: the co-design of the spaces, the design of the structural works, and the preparatory procedures to be undertaken together with the families themselves.

The building works are scheduled to last 240 days, and will involve the creation of the various features defined during the co-design process and finalised in detail by the architects. As well as the accommodation for the families concerned and supporting members of the community, the old Osservatorio will also contain communal leisure areas, places where children and teenagers can study and socialise, and utility facilities for all residents, such as the laundry. The grounds of the building will also be upgraded and restyled to meet co-housing needs.

A new approach to accommodation, within an urban regeneration project that does not merely redevelop buildings but also rethinks their use and functions together with the community.


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