Tutti pazzi per HUB4KIDS
29 June 2022

Everyone loves HUB4KIDS

A day of games, music and creative workshops open to all the children and young people of the Borgo Palazzo, Sant’Anna and Celadina Summer Activities Centres to celebrate the future HUB4KIDS of the CAPACITyES project, at the former Cascina Serassi.

More than 500 kids thronged the Cittadella dello Sport sports centre all day long for an experience based on sharing, also to be the main theme of the new HUB4KIDS.

The new amenity, nearing completion, is one of the two pillars, together with the Borgo Palazzo Co-housing project, of “CAPACITyES, a city in mind”, funded by the European “Urban Innovative Action” project, in which the city will implement new ways of tackling issues such as urban poverty, the right to housing, and educational and growth opportunities for children. 

For over two year 8 partners, Cooperativa Sociale Ruah, Cooperativa Sociale Patronato San Vincenzo, Associazione di formazione Professionale Patronato San Vincenzo, Purelab, Generazioni FA, CSI Bergamo, ISMU – Fondazione Iniziative e Studi sulla Multietnicità, have been working with the Bergamo City Council on a large number of activities and initiatives to ensure that this project is really part of a process of collective growth.

Throughout the day, until late in the afternoon, the young people were busy with games, musical entertainments, creative workshops in the footsteps of Ulysses and “unconventional sports”, trying their hand at Bubble Soccer, Aerial Dance and the Circus School.

So the event, organised by Generazioni Fa, CSI Bergamo and Patronato San Vincenzo with Tantemani for the future main beneficiaries of HUB4KIDS, together, naturally together with all kids from 0 to 16 years of age in the city of Bergamo, was a great success.

The CAPACITyES project has encountered some problems, partly due to the two years of the pandemic, which as everyone knows has hit our city particularly hard.

However the activities have never stopped, thanks also to the perseverance and creativity of the partners, who have thus succeeded in keeping their relationship with the community alive. 


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