Il Co-housing prende forma con le idee delle famiglie
22 February 2022

The CAPACITyES Co-housing project takes shape with the families’ ideas

The co-design process to define the CAPACITyES project’s Co-housing development continues: on Saturday 12 February the families involved took part in a new design session, led by Elena Giunta, PHD in Design, Senior Researcher with Fondazione Ismu. The aim was to decide together the equipment of the indoor and outdoor communal areas of the facility to be created in the building of the former Osservatorio femminile on via Borgo Palazzo.  In technical terms, this was a micro-planning session focusing on specific features and the looks of the future facility, for which the existing building is currently being renovated. 

This new session forms part of the overall co-design process which is a fundamental part of the CAPACITyES project, to ensure that the future users play a central role in the choices regarding the spaces involved in this urban regeneration development. 

The CAPACITyES approach has adopted a typical design thinking process (double diamond model) with four main phases: exploration of the problem and resources; interpretation of the problem and identification of the design opportunities; generation of ideas for new services/spaces or the improvement of existing ones; and development of the most promising solutions. The generation phase is intended to support the joint generation and definition of various ideas for services or initiatives which can be developed in the future Co-housing building, by and with the project’s partner organisations. This phase involves brainstorming, co-design sessions and rapid procedures for visualising and testing the ideas which emerge.

But it is not only the co-design process that is proceeding apace: while work on the building is under way on via Borgo Palazzo, the education and preparation programme for the families is going ahead thanks to the instructors and mediators of Cooperativa Ruah and Generazioni FA. The areas covered? Professional training and job finding for adults, school induction for children and young people. And soon we will be starting the countdown for the start of this adventure together.


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